Marine Nano Glass Coating in Fort Lauderdale

Clear Glazing Technology

  • Complete Glass Restoration and Scratch Removal
  • Maximum Window Clarity for 16-24 months Guaranteed
  • Friction-less Glass Substrate Eliminates Maintenance
  • Removes Water Stains and Over Spray
  • Nano Sealer Bonds with Glass to Prevent Stains
  • Prevents U/V Ray Damage Prolonging Glass Life
  • Shower Glass Applicable

Optimize Window Clarity

Windows become etched by extreme exposure to the elements,  mineral rich water, salt water, soap, acid rain, heat and direct sun . This spotting etches into the glass leaving stains  and reducing window clarity. Our Clear Glaze window re-finishing corrects all window surface damage and leaves behind a clear level shine and a super-durable nano-polymer coating. Finishes last between 2-3 years. Our 3-step procedure follow..

  1. Machine mineral polishing to remove etching, pitting and stains
  2. Remove all silicone and moisture from window
  3. Apply Nano Protectant – Wash Residue and Go!

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