Ultra Lock Nano Coating

Paint Restoration and Care

Today many yacht captains and owners are being faced with a big descision as a large majority of painted yachts approach the 5-8 year mark and either need repainting or a solution that will restore their vessel’s painted surfaces back to new, maintain the condition and extend the paint life out to maximum length.

With the steady advancements in nano technology over the last 10 years we’ve finally found a break through paint preservation system strong enough to hold up to the harsh sun and element of South Florida. The answer lies in a product called I-shine and a polishing system and program designed and carried out by Freedom Yacht Management’s well trained crew of detail specialists.

Like many of the world’s most well engineered products I-shine is made in Germany. It’s 5 stage product line is water based which allows for even the most fouled awlgrip paint to be brought back to optimal condition. This gleaming finish lasts for 9-12 months garanteed after which a follow up 2-step treatment is recommended to maintain for another year often discounted between %20-%35 from the intial treamtent.

Properties of a High Gloss Nano Finishing System

  • Water based-Not Petroleum based like the leading product lines which hide and fill swirls and imperfections before breaking down into the paint and gel-coat.
  • Engineered on a Nano Level  (one billionth of a meter) for maximum finish and strength!
  • Polymer structure comprised of nano sized Emulsin Chrystales, completely organic in nature commonly known as glass- No silcon, no waxes that break down and attract dirt.
  • The foam pads used during the restoration process are engineered to meet the needs of the product thus being extremely tight pored yet flexible enought to meet demand and not scratch the surfaces when used properly.

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