The Power of Organization

By February 11, 2020 General No Comments

Recently we’ve been increasing our organization within our company and have found that it drastically helping our bottom line. We’ve found that a tight organization of our detail products leads to a tighter approach to our detail cleaning jobs. By showing employees these unwavering systems and holding them accountable for keeping them up, our performance has increased. Stocking our storage in an excellent detailed manner meant stocking our vans in this manner. This transferred over to stocking our ceramic coating kits and yacht detailing kits in a very specific way to make sure our detailers have just what they need when the job called. This dedication to being the best yacht detailing group is transferring over in the way we prep Windows and yacht cosmetics before we wash, wax or ceramic coat our clients boat. By organizing we can better prepare and job and execute on the minute. In the end the client is happy and our crew stay happy.