Marine Restoration in Fort Lauderdale

Paint and Gel-coat Restoration

Freedom Yacht Services uses many different boat restoration systems, depending on what your wishing to restore. Our keen product knowledge and application techniques allow us to bring any boat back to life, and our unique technology puts us in a league of our own when it comes to boat restoration and finishing. Proud to be South Florida’s leading yacht detailing company.

We’re here to help you optimize your boat’s exterior or interior cosmetics. We pride ourselves in being the very best boat detailing company in South Florida. Each year we detail over 25,000 feet of boat using the very best products and application methods on the market. Our team of highly skilled and trained professionals excel at making your boat look brand new matter the age or condition.

Boat surfaces come in all different types of material, texture and color. Knowing the composite and anatomical composure of the surface is the first step to restoring it. Exterior gelcoats are much harder than paint on a boat thus the need to use softer more finesse oriented application techniques and processing material when working with paint. Even after being in business for 12 years we are always learning through close relationships with paint and coating companies who’s reps teach us about the latest developments they are bringing to the yacht market. This keeps us ahead of the game.

Best Teak Sanding Service

We pride ourselves in using the very best teak refinishing and teak deck sanding applications. Preparation, Procedure, Equipment and Close out are all extremely important subjects for a perfectly executed teak sanding job. We pay the upmost attention to all of these. Our mobile ability, dust free sanding machines and prompt scheduling allows us to come to your boat anywhere in South Florida.

Best Glass Restoration

Exterior glass surfaces oxidize and pit just like paint does over time. Every 2 years it’s important that windows on your boat get machine polished using a mineral polish and sealed for protection. This will remove water stains which compromise the clarity of your boats glass windows. Our team uses a multi-staged glass polishing procedure called Clear Glass that can effectively restore your boats glass to perfection.

Best Bottom Painting

Our headquarters are located at Lauderdale Marine Center. The biggest do it yourself yard in the United States. Here we are able to pull vessels weighing up to 300 tons or 50 meters. Using the very best bottom paint and antifouling coating we service our customers bottom painting needs with excellent timing, precision and turnaround. We know time is money so our large team is able to complete your next bottom painting / servicing right on time.. no waiting around for another job to finish.

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