Ceramic Coatings

Yacht Detailers and boat cleaners around South Florida are applying ceramic instead of boat wax and polymer coatings because of the long lasting nature it gives. Ceramic coating can give 1-3 years of protection and cut down wash time by 40%. Call Today for a Free Estimate!

Maximize surface durability, gloss and surface depth
Forms incredibly strong three dimensional network of nano sized ceramic particles that fill surface pores protecting it for years
Renders a slick anti static, self cleaning surface that is impervious to harsh UV Rays, extreme weather conditions, acids, salts, bugs, static adhesion and typical wash marring
Special layered design that can be re-coated over time and or coated to maximum thickness desired

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    Protect your Yacht’s Cosmetic Surfaces from nature’s elements. Freedom’s dual layer Ceramic Coating is specially designed for the Marine Environment and seals surfaces for years without the need for waxing. Applied by licensed Ceramic Coating applicators to guarantee the perfect surface prep and coating application- this highly durable, marine ceramic coating locks in your vessel’s high gloss finish-is scratch resistant and impervious to oxidization and corrosion.