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German Beer and the Evolution of Ships=Deutsches Museum

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If you ever have a chance, 10 euros and an inkling of interest in boats, aeroplanes and electricity I highly recommend the Deutsch Museum of technology in Munich Germany. You might want to take your shoes off before you enter this mecca of science and discovery just to honor the men who gave their life to developing it and a tip for the museum curator who layed out such a wonderful display.
The museum, clean, organized and extremely accurate exhibits the most far reaching developments in science and of man given to this earth. It would take 3 days to go through and read everything but many real life replicas and models are there before you to guide the way. Kicking off with ships starting in the Norse time 790 AD and evolving into the modern day super tanker. All the hard lessons learned in between this sweeping span of 2000 years is on hand for your discovery in just 100 yard of walking distance, ship composition, construction, steering and design, sail and propultion techniques (cool model sailboats to play with) and on board safety and survival developments. Many American discoveries and technologies are on display too.
Having seen the fury of the sea myself and remembering it being framed so eloquently by Sir Francis Drake “Fear by day, Terror by night”. I could only stand back, take a sip of my warm Starbucks red eye and gawk at the small crafts developed by the Polynesians and Arawak Indians and imagine paddling off for an island or body of water 100’s to 1000’s of miles away with such minimal protection and security, or the Norse setting sail for modern day Maine in a bit more than a wooden skiff and fabric sails, salted meats but I guess in those days giants did walk the earth.-Josh Cunningham (owner)