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When Ceramic Coatings Fail

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Boat ceramic glass

Much can be said about the immense benefit of ceramic coatings on boats and pleasure yachts but rarely does the conversation enter into the failure stage. What causes a ceramic coating to fail? What makes one boat ceramic coating better than the next? The coating? The yacht detailer? Or both? Below are a few key details we feel good boat cleaning and detailing companies use when handling this product that has eclipsed the need for boat wax and protection systems.

-Ceramic should be kept at room temperature until application 65-80 degree temp

-Marine grade ceramic coatings should never be cut down or diluted

-Poor wash down after the compound and wax to get the surface ready for ceramic

-Not using IPA or 70% alcohol solution to wipe down the surface before coating causes the coating to debond

-Not using high quality virgin micro-fiber towels to remove causes contaminants to enter the ceramic

-Applying before a rain storm thus not giving the ceramic enough time to set up properly


These factors can cause the ceramic coating to fail prematurely on your boat and the reason why only reputable, well managed and supplied yacht detailing groups should be hired to perform such a detail specific task. Having been in the boating cleaning business for 20 years here in South Florida Freedom Yachts does not compromise service delivery in any fashion. Call today for an estimate.

Safety First for Yacht Detailing

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There seems to be an undercurrent of change going on in the South Florida Yacht Service industry. A sweeping move to remove risk from ofd the shoulders of shipyards, boat owners but most importantly the men and women who carry out the services. This starts with an understood mandate the everyone must have an OSHA (Occupational Saftey and Health Administration) 10 hour course that educates employees on hazards that exist in the work place. Many shipyards and programs are not letting anyone on property that has not taken this course, effectively cutting risk down substantially. The cost to send employees to a 2 day course is moderate yet may companies are ignoring the call. This is effectively purging contractor groups from service yards who don’t share the ideal of safety. At Freedom Yacht Services we are proud to be the very best yacht detailing group in South Florida yet realize our commitment to yacht services starts first with our employees. Educating our boat cleaning teams in ft lauderdale on ways to minimize the risk of them not going home that night to see their family.

The Power of Organization

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Recently we’ve been increasing our organization within our company and have found that it drastically helping our bottom line. We’ve found that a tight organization of our detail products leads to a tighter approach to our detail cleaning jobs. By showing employees these unwavering systems and holding them accountable for keeping them up, our performance has increased. Stocking our storage in an excellent detailed manner meant stocking our vans in this manner. This transferred over to stocking our ceramic coating kits and yacht detailing kits in a very specific way to make sure our detailers have just what they need when the job called. This dedication to being the best yacht detailing group is transferring over in the way we prep Windows and yacht cosmetics before we wash, wax or ceramic coat our clients boat. By organizing we can better prepare and job and execute on the minute. In the end the client is happy and our crew stay happy.

Ceramic Toughness for Boat Cushions

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Ceramic for Fabric

Exterior cushions aboard pleasure boats take the most extreme beating from the sun, wind, salt and sunscreen. A new all weather technology that is making waves is the 2 year protection Ceramic coatings can give these surfaces. Yacht detailers in South Florida have found Nanocane’s Ceramic Coat to be the most durable and protective fabric coating in the marine industry. It lays on at 3/16 of a micron 20 times thicker than boat wax or boat polish. This added barrier space gives depth and unsurpassed protection. Call today to have Freedom Yacht services, the industry’s leading boat detailing team provide you with an estimate. Whether it’s fabric, paint, gelcoat or glass Freedom Yacht Service can restore and seal the beauty of your vessel.

Ceramic Coat for Viking Princess Yacht

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New yacht owners are carefully examining coating options for their yacht. Wax, Polymer or Ceramic. .01 millimeter, .05 millimeter or .25 millimeter thickness. Choose your weapon. The thickest and hardest barrier is obvious. Yacht owners are gravitating to the newest nano technology of coating on the market Nanocane’s ceramic coat. 1-3 years protection and a lot less cleaning effort. Freedom Yacht Services, the leading yacht detailing and boat cleaning company in south Florida excels at making your boat Shine with the most durable protection. Endorsed by Ceramic Pro for 5 years our attention to detail goes unmatched. Proudly Representing industry leaders like Amels, Ferretti Group, Ocean Alexander And Marine Max. Call today for an estimate appointment.

Restoring Paint Life on a 240 Delta Motor Yacht

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excellent trade skills

When a yacht’s paint life is down to its last 10 % captains and owners usually start asking for paint estimates. Today more and more captains and mates are  calling Freedom Yacht Services the real ceramic pro certified team and asking about the massive advantage ceramic coating has over repainting.  Recently Freedom Yachts corrected failing paint on a 240 Delta at Rybovich Shipyard in Palm Beach County. Using Nanocane’s 4 step paint compounding and polish system the old Awlgrip paint was brought back to new shine and coated with 3 layers of Ceramic. 18 microns of added depth was given to the vessel saving the owner $650,000 in what would have been a new paint job. The job totaled over 750 hours and was the largest Industry ceramic job ever completed. If your considering repainting or re-coating please give us a call for a survey.

74 Pershing Ceramic Coating

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Hey Pershing and Ferretti lovers! Have you heard about the Nano ceramic hard coating taking the marine industry by storm? Gone are the days are waxing every 3 months. Gone are the days of compounding your boat and removing paint and clear coat. Ceramic protection cuts maintenance down by 50% and pushes expensive repaints back indefinitely. This picture is an excellent representation of nano micro-beads of water on a newly ceramic coated yacht called Julie K 74 Pershing 2015. Yacht cleaning has never been easier, call today for the best yacht detailing experience deliver to your slip by Freedom Yacht Services.

Bennetti 120 Andiamo Topside Gelcoat Refinishing

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Hot on the market for sale 120’ Bennetti Andiamo gets major Topside surface refinishing ahead of The upcoming Miami International boat show saving the owner $800,000. Freedom Yacht Services, South Florida’s best boat detailing group was contracted to perform this 2 week job that completed restored, compounded and waxed the boat to perfection. Call today for a free yacht detailing or boat cleaning estimate . Also specializing in ceramic coatings such as Nanocane and ceramic pro.

Best Teak Refinishing

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Teak decks aboard a yacht are a stunning feature that look great and repel water by means of natural oils. They’re best when leveled to perfection with 120 grit paper and the Festool dust free sanding system . The color, surface and tone must be perfect for optimum show appearance. Freedom Yacht Services specializes in the very best yacht detailing and finishing services available here in Ft lauderdale and south florida.

The Miami International Boat Show is almost here. To maximize the appearance and beautiful show condition of this 92 Pershing we’re sanding the decks with 120 grit paper for ultimate color and appearance. Preparation is everything as we carefully and meticulously tape and protect all yacht paint and borders before yacht service begins. The result is five stars. If your looking for the best yacht detailing group in South Florida you’ve found us. Whether it’s a quick detail wash down aboard your boat or an expert yacht detail cleaning we are here. Call today and ask about ceramic pro coatings that we can apply to to your yacht for maximum protection.

Ceramic Pro and Freedom Yachts Impress on Boston Whaler’s Newest Customized Flagship Vessel

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In the Bahamas, like in South Florida, the conditions are incredibly extreme at times and the strongest protection is always the best protection. Customer X did his homework on ceramic coatings and decided that his brand new highly customized 420 Boston Whaler outrage would receive not wax, not anti foul paint on the underside but an incredible high shine polishing procedure followed up with 3 coats of Ceramic Pro Bravo. He called Freedom Yacht Services, the most proficient and Marine Ceramic coating team in South Florida and in 6 days his vessel had received the highest degree of shine and ceramic pro love at Lauderdale Marine Center. All surfaces were coated, glass, nonskid, gelcoat, engine covers, trim tabs, vinyl wrapping and cushions; making sure the conditions would not affect his baby. If your looking for the newest and strongest ceramic coating application call us today! Enjoy the pictures.