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Buy American Yachts- We Need Jobs!

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It’s safe to say the American manufacturing sector has been ravished over the last 10 years. We’ve seemed to outsource ourselves out of millions of jobs many of which may never return.
“In an economy so dire it’s imperative that we as American Yachting Professionals are encouraging owners to buy from the fine American ship builders still working and operating within our borders.”Have you ever considered,” The next vessel I sell could be creating jobs for America? “This is exactly what happens when owners elect to buy newly built American yachts over foreign product. Ship building is a delicate craft, fastidious at times and takes heaps of man power to deliver on time. This employment feeds the surrounding communities and and turns boys into men. 

Florida ship builder Lazzara Yachts is the epitome of American ship building, having evolved from Columbia to the Gulf Star line nearly 40 years ago Vince Lazzara’s production built sailing vessels catered room, space and convenience to the family but most importantly female. This helped take the elite out of sailing in a semi-affordale way and introduced thousands of families to the thrill of boating. Just recently Lazzara crossed over from traditional propulsion technique in the grips of the recession opting for the fuel efficiency and simplicity delivered by pod drive technology shafting traditional drive mechanics which have been unchanged for centuries. This is good stuff, this is American.

West coast ship builder Westport Yachts is forging ahead as a leader in composite design. Westport’s philosophy as a yacht builder is comparable to that of the aviation industry, a sector where quality is absolutely essential. I do believe where quality and functionality meet is where American ship building is currently staged. Get out and sea trail an American vessel to day.- Josh Cunningham 11-05-10

Polish and Detailing Products

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Running a professional detailing company has given me the opportunity to witness first hand the evolution of marine cleaning products. I remember 14 years ago waxing a 50 ft Hatteras by hand with 3m cleaner wax after it had just came out on the shelf, what a unique product at the time however wouldn’t be allowed on most yachts now. I remember not having a makita or proper wool pad just sheer elbow grease and what seemed liked miles of hull ahead.

Thankfully enough products and gel-coat and paint finishes have been refined allowing for a higher polished shine. With the developments in nano science, mineral deposits in compounds used to strip away decaying paint or gelcoat have gotten much smaller and finer the higher quality compounds often emulsify under heat and pressure instead of pushing deep embedded sand particles and dirt into your vessels lovely finish, creating big swirl marks. When these high quality polishes are used with high quality wool buffing pads with wool textures softening as you move to the finishing steps the polishing perfection is achieved.

Before having your boat waxed, compounded or polished ask the detailing company exactly what products will be used and make sure they are using them. A common trick by unprofessionally detailing services is to use very cheap product that cut into the cometics surfaces and don’t finish them out, often applying a cheap wax bought in bulk. When a gel-coat or paint surface is cut to remove hazing or oxidization it is imperative that it is followed up by a micro finishing step that will close up the pores and a strong wax to protect from airborne contaminants.

Freedom Yacht Management is a leader in cosmetic polishing and re-finishing using the best marine products available to achieve lasting shine and protection.

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