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Product Knowledge when cleaning a Yacht is Crucial

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I once watched a boat washer from XYZ company tramp over the nicely shinned brow of a brand new Sunseeker Predator.The boat was getting ready for it’s first cruise with it’s new owner yet was covered with yard dust from a post buy shake down.
This young man never considered the effect of what he was about to do and branded a white hard bristle brush and a fresh bottle of Clorox bleach/bathroom cleaner, taking aim on the most noticeable part of the boat to clean. I knew what would happen next and it hurt me to watch as he applied this bleach to the hard bristle brush and then to the freshly polished gel-coat.
This young man had no idea what he was doing or applying, he had been sent there by a manager that didn’t have much more knowledge or training and the end result would cost the boat owner far more than the wash he was getting after he paid for FYM to come in and repair his scratched and cut open surfaces back to new.
Everyone is eager to start a detailing company yet few consider the process down to the chemical agents and method of applications, in lies the difference. Although strong detergents might bring a boat up white, the real damage is at a microscopic level when the surface is burnt and cut open making it much easier for dirt, grim and oxidization to collect.
Know your Product! Soft soaps and soft (blue ) bristle brushes are an excellent start for a yachts initial cleaning program. Yachts new cosmetics are like a baby’s new skin and need to be treated the same.