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When Ceramic Coatings Fail

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Boat ceramic glass

Much can be said about the immense benefit of ceramic coatings on boats and pleasure yachts but rarely does the conversation enter into the failure stage. What causes a ceramic coating to fail? What makes one boat ceramic coating better than the next? The coating? The yacht detailer? Or both? Below are a few key details we feel good boat cleaning and detailing companies use when handling this product that has eclipsed the need for boat wax and protection systems.

-Ceramic should be kept at room temperature until application 65-80 degree temp

-Marine grade ceramic coatings should never be cut down or diluted

-Poor wash down after the compound and wax to get the surface ready for ceramic

-Not using IPA or 70% alcohol solution to wipe down the surface before coating causes the coating to debond

-Not using high quality virgin micro-fiber towels to remove causes contaminants to enter the ceramic

-Applying before a rain storm thus not giving the ceramic enough time to set up properly


These factors can cause the ceramic coating to fail prematurely on your boat and the reason why only reputable, well managed and supplied yacht detailing groups should be hired to perform such a detail specific task. Having been in the boating cleaning business for 20 years here in South Florida Freedom Yachts does not compromise service delivery in any fashion. Call today for an estimate.