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Musty Yacht Smell=The Silent Scourge

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As summer’s calecent furry returns air conditioning units aboard yachts are usually running at a fast laborious clip. Often we’re called to a boat to investigate a musty smell brought on by these units not being ran on a regular basis often due to poor servicing. Running the A/C at consistant temperature through out your boat not only creates a suitable creature comfort temp but removes humidity from the vessel.

Mold and mildew thrive in humidity producing a sulfur (rotten egg smell) as a bi-product. This musty smell comes from restrictive air flow often as a result of crew failing to clean air filters located at the air handlers or raw water circulation strainers in the engine room. Many times these filters are hard to reach, hidden behind wooden shelfs or in tight compartments, gone unserviced this restricted, dirty air flow across the coils of the air handler prevents a stable balanced room cool down. images-2
Eliminate smell before it starts by applying these tried and true A/C preventative maintenance steps to your on board program.

  • Keep windows and doors closed as much as possible. This will save money from the electricity bill while at the dock and hours off your compressors when at sea.
  • When boat is not in use close blinds and put all exterior window screens on to reduce heat inside the boat
  • On a weekly occasion clean the raw water strainer to remove blockage and unwanted suction load (heat) on the a/c compressor, keeping them running cool and consistent.
  • Consider using Barnacle Buster (phosphoric acid) to flush the A/C raw water system, this destroys build up and growth such as calcium, barnacles, muscle growth, use a drill pump attached to the raw water intake for the A/C unit and pump the solution through the circuit into a drum at the raw water exit to complete the circuit and continuously pump the solution through the system for 40 minutes.
  • Clean all air handler, wheels and filters monthly
  • Bring in a professional duct cleaning service to detail all ducts
  • Add a cannister of air plenum’s/ biocide in line with the air handlers to reduce spore growth and create a lovely, fresh aroma throughout your boat
  • Call or write us should you have any questions or concerns. We’re standing by to help you.