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How to Perform Quality Boat Cleaning

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Keeping your boat clean will extend the life of the Gelcoat and protect it from mildew and salt. In fact, experienced sailors will tell you that to keep salt build-up and corrosion at bay, you need to clean your boat after every use. At Freedom Yacht Services, we believe this to be vital but we also recommend developing a technique to minimize effort and maximize cleaning. Here’s how you can do that:


You need to get the right equipment for your boat cleaning. Some people use the wrong brushes and end up scratching the hull, which can mar the shine of the Gelcoat. So you need to keep the following in mind:

  • Use a brush with medium-soft bristles. Avoid anything that’s too hard as it can harm the yacht detailing and soft Gelcoat. It’s a good idea to go for quality over affordability here. Pick a good brush that would withstand the salt, the sun, and repeated use.
  • Make sure you have a long, sturdy handle. This would ensure that you can reach difficult places that would normally be out of reach. It’s vital to do a thorough boat cleaning to ensure that there’s no possibility of damage in the future.
  • You will also need a bucket, a mop, some sponges, dry towels, and washing pads to do a thorough job.


Most boat owners usually use their ordinary dishwash soap for cleaning. We believe that you should use something that’s tough on the salt and the grime, but soft on the environment. Use a soap that has a neutral pH level and is biodegradable. You’ll also need to make sure that you sufficiently dilute the soap. Highly concentrated soap can damage the coating and finish, during boat cleaning.


Now it’s down to the most important aspect of boat cleaning. It’s time to invest some elbow grease. Our suggestion is to start from the top and focus on one section at a time. Before you do anything, be sure that the boat is rinsed properly. Using a brush on a dry boat would only damage the coating. The process is simple, lather with soap, scrub, and then rinse. That’s how you clean a boat.

If you have any questions about yacht detailing and suggestions, or want to hire our services, just call Freedom Yacht Services at 954.732.8916. We look forward to hearing from you.