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Shipboard Safety Officers-The Real Scoop

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What is a Shipboard Safety Officer? Who needs one?
Typically commercial yachts and ships over 500 gross tons are required to have s ship board saftey officer. This is a mandated training requirement set by (ISM) International Safety Management. The on board member will usually attend a 3-4 day class where he or she will be trained on the following procedures and protocols.

  • General duties of the safety officer
  • Introduction to the ISM code
  • Onboard safety management systems
  • Legislative background
  • Careful review of methods of reporting and recording ISM info
  • Accident investigation
  • Third-party audits; internal audits
  • Risk assessment
  • Creating a safety culture on board
  • Carrying safety audits
  • International health and safety legislation
  • Hazard identification
  • Employer duties
  • The course aims to teach proper code for Safe and Working practices and should meet the IMO Model Course 3.11. and STCW A-II/2 and A-III/3.
    Typically this officer shouldn’t be the captain or the medical person on board and is usually the Officer of the Watch. It’s mandated that safety officers on commercial vessels attain 2 years of consecutive sea service, if aboard a tank ship only 6 months is needed.
    This course is given in the UK, US and various other MCA training facilities. This ticket gives a candidate nice leverage when job hunting allowing them to be much more versatile.

    Paint Fusion New Technology

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    bright_work-resized-600281 foot Direktors “Cake Walk” made a splash last year as the US’s largest pleasure yacht built. From the initial blue print, a mission to create a vessel of strength and eloquence ensued putting a great deal of Americans and small businesses to work.The Finish: An uncompromising modern classic ship that lays down the standard for US luxury ship building. Excellent fairing work is evident in how the ships flag blue hull rolls creating a near perfect lateral reflection 281 feet long. Wow.
    It’s on this hull that a new technology is debuting, Awls Grip’s new Controlled Fusion Paint System. The new paint system, taking effect at the molecular level, bonds the primer coat to the substrate/top coat fusing the two layers to create one dense layer extending paint life significantly while removing the need to re-sand upon re coat. The set up time is 7 days. I would have known nothing about this if it weren’t for my good friend FrankySchubach, Cake Walk’s finest Dive Master. Thanks Frank for the tour and shot to the boys for keeping the metals so bliggidy bright.

    New Technology Eliminates Window Maintenance

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    New strides in nano technology has developed a system which eliminate water spots and etching from glass to provide a crystal clear substrate intolerant to water beading and spotting completely. The durability last between 14-24 months guranteed when performed by an application specialist. This is a very big advancement when considering how many hours a typical crew member spend detailing windows each day? If this time was eliminated would the service or other needed areas concerning your boat improve?
    Our licensed and trained specialist are here to remove the maintenance and upkeep of your yachts glass windows by delivering a 2-step finishing and sealing system that will provide a friction less ultra clear substrate aboard your vessel.
    Windows aboard a yacht are the lens for discovery that when properly maintained provide captains, owners and charter guest with a 20/20 view of some of the most enchanting places on earth. Many hard to reach windows make it nearly impossible and dangerous for crew to detail properly everyday especially when things get busy. Our maintenance free technology eliminates this to covers your crew efficiently and effectively. Call for a Free Quote!

    • Clear Glassing Technology
    • Complete Glass Restoration and Scratch Removal
    • Maximum Window Clarity for 12-18 months Guaranteed
    • Friction-less Glass Substrate Eliminates Maintenance
    • Removes Water Stains and Over Spray
    • Nano Sealer Bonds with Glass to Prevent Stains
    • Prevents U/V Ray Damage Prolonging Glass Life
    • Shower Glass Applicable

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