5 Steps for Quality Boat Detailing

By May 11, 2016 Blog No Comments

When you’ve invested in the boat of your dreams, you want to keep your new watercraft in good shape for as long as possible. Boat detailing is an essential part of boat maintenance because the process gives the boat added protection against the elements. You don’t want to trust any amateur with such an important task! That’s why it’s important to be familiar with the process, so you can spot quality yacht detailing when you see it.

  1. Cleaning Thoroughly

The very first step in the boat detailing process is cleaning the surfaces. If you’ve opted for an exterior yacht detailing, this will not include your interior surfaces. Professionals use a special soap created just for this purpose. The entire process can be done either while you’re docked or when you’re at sea. However, if you want to get every nook and cranny of your boat, you’ll want to try and get her on dry land. This will help your detailer get to the underside of the yacht.

  1. Buff

Next, your detailer will use a professional buffer and rubbing compound to make your lady’s hull shine. During a professional boat detailing, your detailer will pay close attention to the fiberglass elements involved. They’ll check to see if it’s been oxidized or dirty to ensure your vessel will look as fresh as possible. Yacht detailing is about the little touches so your detailer will make sure every applicable surface area is buffed and ready for wax.

  1. Wax

During yacht detailing in Fort Lauderdale, the wax must be applied evenly and given an appropriate amount of dry time. If you’re new to boats, you’ll learn soon how the weather can affect an otherwise perfect sea. It has the same effect on the wax used in boat detailing. Depending on the type of wax and any coatings you ask for, the wax will have to be removed after it dries. A professional detailer will take into account the external temperature to ensure that finicky wax preserves your boat instead of messing with the paint job.

  1. Shine Metallic Details

Your boat probably has a series of aluminum or other metallic details and they’ll need to be shined to match the clean and shiny look of your freshly detailed vessel. Many professionals will use a metal wax to get that signature shine you’re looking for. Just like with the boat wax, your detailer will time the wax removal to match the heat and humidity.

  1. Know to Call a Professional

How big is your boat? Will it have to be detailed while in the water? Do you have the professional tools and knowledge of boat detailing supplies necessary to do the job right the first time? The golden rule of DIY projects is knowing when to defer to a professional. Yacht detailing in Miami plays a large part in protecting your boat from the elements so don’t take on a detailing job unless you understand what you’re doing.

Now you know the difference between a professional and amateur detailing, you’re ready to find a great detailer in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area.