Boat For Sale? Cut Yacht Expenses While Sitting For Sale!

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I’ve often heard “the happiest days of a yachtsman’s life are the day he buys his boat and the day he sells it.” I’d like to think all the fine islands, fishing, and tangerine fingers spread out over a falling sunset would give back certain equity to the latter feelings of exasperation. But owning a boat can truly be expensive at times. When it comes to selling a boat, important decisions made up front can save big money while expediting the sale’s process.
When a boat is for sale in US waters its private-use status is restricted and the boat literally sits for sale. A yacht for sale in this market can take upwards of a year to sell, depending on the price point__yet costs don’t stop. Many vessels in proper working order don’t necessarily need a full-time captain, crew and living costs associated, if the boat is not moving. Forging a relationship with a trusted, land-based yacht management team (service affiliated) can save owners big money while guaranteeing “show readiness” at any given time.
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Freedom Yacht Management is a service-driven, clean-and-care company, extending to brokers and owners the very best cost-reduction strategy, coupled with the quickest logistical path to the sale of your boat. Staffed with licensed captains and expert detailers, our service teams put your vessel on a pedestal for show, while presenting a trusted impression and name to the next buyer.
Freedom Yacht Management delivers local knowledge and discounts to all our clients because our goal is to keep people boating. In addition to our maintenance services, we offer Freedom’s strategic alliances with the finest marinas and tech specialists in south Florida in order to protect your asset in the most unpredictable of circumstances.
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Owner-Josh Cunningham