Carpet Cleaning Services for Boats

By February 9, 2016 General No Comments

Owning a boat is a great luxury, as it opens several doors to so many adventures – especially in Florida! Here, it is boat-season all year-round, and the innumerous canals of Fort Lauderdale offer a great alternative to salt-water lovers. The Everglades – home to the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States – is also frequently visited by those who wish to spot the Florida manatees, American crocodiles, and Florida panthers. Those who still prefer the salt-water life, the East Coast offers endless exotic places for you to visit, such as the Florida Keys, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale Beach, and more.

The ideas mentioned above sound fun and all, until it’s time to go back and everyone enters your boat with muddy feet from the Florida swamps, and sandy feet from one of the beautiful beaches! And it doesn’t matter how prepared you always are, we all have that one friend that forgets to bring towels, that gets a little too drunk, or that can’t handle a bumpy boat ride… And just like that, all your efforts to keep your boat clean and neat are gone! Now you have mud and sand all over your carpet, and just the thought of having to clean everything thereafter drives you crazy!

Carpet cleaning can be tricky and somewhat challenging, and carpet cleaning services can sometimes be inconvenient and costly… Now, imagine on a boat, right?? Well, thankfully Freedom Yacht Services are always there to help you! For years, Freedom has been boat detailing Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, and South Florida, providing the best yacht cleaning services – including carpet cleaning services – to ensure you always have the best boating experience.

How to Clean Carpet on a Boat?

The best way to keep your boat in pristine condition is to regularly maintain and detail it. Freedom Yacht Services offers a variety of services that helps keep your boat ready for whatever, whenever. So, we can definitely vouch for this one! A proper boat carpet cleaning service starts with the right products and cleaning supplies – and Freedom Yacht Services only applies high-quality cleaning products that have been tested and proven to remove stains, goo, and any other difficult to remove substance from your carpet, as well as cushions and other fabric materials.

For the courageous ones –  the DIY lovers – Freedom Yacht Services listed a few steps to properly clean carpet on a boat:

  • Dock Your Boat: The first step for a proper boat carpet cleaning should be to dock your boat; that way you can easily remove the drain plug.
  • Vacuum the Carpet: Using a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner helps you remove all the little particles and loose dirt from your carpet.
  • Soak the Carpet: Starting from the front of your boat, hose the carpet thoroughly – especially in the stain areas.
  • Apply Cleaning Products: Now that you have read our blogs and were able to pick the best cleaning products in the market, soak your boat carpet in the cleaning solutions you have.
  • Brush it and Scrub it: Self-explanatory. This is when you bring your A-game, and put those arms to work!
  • Rinse it and Dry it: Again, self-explanatory! After you are done scrubbing all those annoying spots out of your carpet, rinse it with plenty of water then dry it as best as you can. A heavy-duty vacuum should also be able to suck the water up from your boat carpet, leaving it just slightly damp. The sun should be able to take care of the rest for you!
  • Brush it and Fluff it: Once your boat carpet is dry, brush it against the grain and fluff it in order to make it look brand-new again!

As we have mentioned, boat carpet cleaning services can be quite challenging, due to the many steps and details involved in it. When it comes to boat carpet cleaning, every corner someone cuts will most likely become a bigger issue in the future. This is the reason why Freedom Yacht Services suggests you thoroughly detail your boat at least 3-4 times a year. At the same time, we could save you the hassle of finding and buying the best cleaning products in the market, docking your vessel, and then performing the job yourself!

For the best yacht detailing and boat carpet cleaning services in Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, and South Florida, contact Freedom Yacht Services. We also offer boat plans involving boat maintenance, mobile detailing services for boats, carpet cleaning services, and more. Visit us today in one of our offices, or call us in Fort Lauderdale – 954 732 8916 and Palm Beach – 954 610 7571 for the best boat carpet cleaning and yacht services in South Florida.