New Technology Eliminates Window Maintenance

New strides in nano technology has developed a system which eliminate water spots and etching from glass to provide a crystal clear substrate intolerant to water beading and spotting completely. The durability last between 14-24 months guranteed when performed by an application specialist. This is a very big advancement when considering how many hours a typical crew member spend detailing windows each day? If this time was eliminated would the service or other needed areas concerning your boat improve?
Our licensed and trained specialist are here to remove the maintenance and upkeep of your yachts glass windows by delivering a 2-step finishing and sealing system that will provide a friction less ultra clear substrate aboard your vessel.
Windows aboard a yacht are the lens for discovery that when properly maintained provide captains, owners and charter guest with a 20/20 view of some of the most enchanting places on earth. Many hard to reach windows make it nearly impossible and dangerous for crew to detail properly everyday especially when things get busy. Our maintenance free technology eliminates this to covers your crew efficiently and effectively. Call for a Free Quote!

  • Clear Glassing Technology
  • Complete Glass Restoration and Scratch Removal
  • Maximum Window Clarity for 12-18 months Guaranteed
  • Friction-less Glass Substrate Eliminates Maintenance
  • Removes Water Stains and Over Spray
  • Nano Sealer Bonds with Glass to Prevent Stains
  • Prevents U/V Ray Damage Prolonging Glass Life
  • Shower Glass Applicable

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