Outsourcing in Our New Yachteconomy

By October 7, 2010 General No Comments

The gods of our industries regulatory bodies are not making things any easier with the increasingly strict guidelines for running a vessel. Whether MCA or USCG, heaps of regulative paper work builds on a captain’s desk waiting for processing, a critical charter starts tomorrow and the mate is missing.
In our new yachteconomy captains and owners see certain value in outsourcing a large portion of the administrative management to land-based companies and focusing on what they do best, run and maintain the vessel to the highest caliber while exceeding guest and owner expectations.
The land based companies they’re partnering with staff qualified licensed professionals, engineers and accountants who can assist on a day to day basis to alleviate the hassle. The results are a yachting program that is safe, efficient and maximizes the vessel worth every day the flag rises with the sun.
Choosing a management company with connections to facilitate shore-based issues is critical as they can usually get the very best pricing and accommodations. A misconception about yacht management is that companies charge a fortune to provide a range of services, which may not be the need of every yacht. In actuality owners can choose just the areas where expertise is needed.
Finding a trusted Yacht Management company before the purchase of a vessel is solid assurance that your interest is being protected through the buy and dealing table. Yacht Management Companies can guarantee that the safety, staffing and registration process is initiated promptly and legally to get the boat out for the owners enjoyment sooner than later.
In regard to new builds or refits, having a management company to get involved a year before delivery is smart. This helps to ensure the details of all system re-workings are ironed out smooth and are in-line with safety regulations. When executed properly project development to program management is stream lined with maximum efficiency and trusting relationship properly secured.
By: Josh Cunningham-Owner-Freedom Yacht Management