Paint Fusion New Technology

By March 11, 2011 General No Comments

bright_work-resized-600281 foot Direktors “Cake Walk” made a splash last year as the US’s largest pleasure yacht built. From the initial blue print, a mission to create a vessel of strength and eloquence ensued putting a great deal of Americans and small businesses to work.The Finish: An uncompromising modern classic ship that lays down the standard for US luxury ship building. Excellent fairing work is evident in how the ships flag blue hull rolls creating a near perfect lateral reflection 281 feet long. Wow.
It’s on this hull that a new technology is debuting, Awls Grip’s new Controlled Fusion Paint System. The new paint system, taking effect at the molecular level, bonds the primer coat to the substrate/top coat fusing the two layers to create one dense layer extending paint life significantly while removing the need to re-sand upon re coat. The set up time is 7 days. I would have known nothing about this if it weren’t for my good friend FrankySchubach, Cake Walk’s finest Dive Master. Thanks Frank for the tour and shot to the boys for keeping the metals so bliggidy bright.