Shipboard Safety Officers-The Real Scoop

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What is a Shipboard Safety Officer? Who needs one?
Typically commercial yachts and ships over 500 gross tons are required to have s ship board saftey officer. This is a mandated training requirement set by (ISM) International Safety Management. The on board member will usually attend a 3-4 day class where he or she will be trained on the following procedures and protocols.

  • General duties of the safety officer
  • Introduction to the ISM code
  • Onboard safety management systems
  • Legislative background
  • Careful review of methods of reporting and recording ISM info
  • Accident investigation
  • Third-party audits; internal audits
  • Risk assessment
  • Creating a safety culture on board
  • Carrying safety audits
  • International health and safety legislation
  • Hazard identification
  • Employer duties
  • The course aims to teach proper code for Safe and Working practices and should meet the IMO Model Course 3.11. and STCW A-II/2 and A-III/3.
    Typically this officer shouldn’t be the captain or the medical person on board and is usually the Officer of the Watch. It’s mandated that safety officers on commercial vessels attain 2 years of consecutive sea service, if aboard a tank ship only 6 months is needed.
    This course is given in the UK, US and various other MCA training facilities. This ticket gives a candidate nice leverage when job hunting allowing them to be much more versatile.