The Truth About Yacht & Boat Repair

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Did you know you can avoid repainting your vessel if you choose the best boat detailing company to regularly polish and wax your boat?  That’s right, you don’t have to worry about footing the bill for this massive project if proper planning is done.

Common Yacht & Boat Repair Issues

If you purchase a new boat or a second-hand yacht in great condition, you can usually rely on the engine staying alive for years to come. Just like changing the oil on your car, if you keep up with your engine maintenance it should be smooth sailing. Think of yacht & boat detailing as essential as changing the oil. Common problems with marine coatings going bad i.e varnish paint and gel-coat include..

  • Adhesion failure: When you start seeing varnish and paint flaking away, that’s a sign your adhesive is failing.
  • Blistering: When your hull looks sunburned and splotchy, you might need fresh round of yacht & boat painting.
  • Fouling: When your boats anti-foiling coat fails, you’ll start to see unpleasant growths and deterioration in the paint.
  • Wood darkening: When your wood grain isn’t sealed to minimize water penetration, the wood can darken beneath the varnish.

The Real Trick to Avoiding These Common Problems: Yacht & Boat Detailing

If you really want to avoid a premature and expensive round of yacht & boat painting, you’ll need to see your detailer regularly. During the detailing process, professionals use a special boat wax that will serve to protect your boat from the elements. If you have the need, many companies in Miami provide interior detailing services as well so you can avoid wood darkening and other internal weathering.

What Is Yacht & Boat Detailing?

The detailing process has four basic steps:

  • Clean the Vessel: To ensure wax and protective coats adhere properly, the vessel should be removed of dirt and debris.
  • Buff the Surfaces: Using a high-grade buffer and rubbing compound, your detailer will remove remaining imperfections.
  • Wax the Boat: The detailer will spread the yacht wax evenly and remove it at the appropriate time.
  • Shining Metallic Details: If you have any aluminum or metallic details, the detailer will use a metal wax to get them to shine.

If you are concerned about safe guarding against specific yacht & boat repairs, consider opting for specialized protective coats or finishes. Speak with your Fort Lauderdale detailer to see what’s available.

Is Restoration Possible?

Perhaps one of the first or even final steps to restoration is yacht & boat painting. It’s important to higher a professional because poorly done yacht & boat painting is much more susceptible to the elements regardless of protective coatings or detailing regularity. Talk to your Miami detailer to see if there are other restoration services available in your area.

Don’t put off your yacht & boat detailing until your need yacht & boat repair. Take a proactive step and call your Fort Lauderdale boat detailer today!