Top 10 Ways to Maximize Vessel Value and Sale Potential

By January 17, 2011 General No Comments

Your boat is for sale. There are 10 other vessels just like yours on the market, same make, model and price range. What steps or actions will set your vessel ahead of the rest when shown or validate a higher sale price? Let’s start with the curbside appeal.
1) Shine-“Clean Boats Sell” “Shiny Boats Sell Faster” Having the paint or gel-coat on your vessel polished or refinished back to it’s original clarity and shine is one of the most important actions taken to enhance a vessels value and support it’s sale price. This is the buyers 1st impression.img_2824-resized-600

2) Decks- Having the teak decks sanded with a 2-step process will bring back the natural oils and original finish while sealing up the grain from outside dirt and debree. Like wise having older non-skid decks repainted will enhance the new buyers first walk around experience.

3) Metals or Bright Work-“Set the Hook” Making sure all exterior metals have been properly polished and shined assures the buyer of the vessel’s bristol clean upkeep and on-going maintenance program.bright_work-resized-600

4) Windows- Having all exterior glass windows and isinglass micro-finished to remove fine scratches and water stains will create that perfect mirror reflection adding instant pop to the

5) Rust Removal-“Rust is the slowest burning Fire” Rust is a red flag that when seen will have the buyer running for the hills. Removing rust stains from metal on metal fittings and storage compartments is critical.rust-resized-600

6) Canvas Coverings- Canvas coverings and snap downs often show age, catch mold and the harsh affliction from the sun. If deep cleaning and mold treatment cannot restore these covers re-canvasing is an excellent idea.clean_canvas-resized-600

7) Engine Room-The muscle behind your boat lies here and if your engines have been laboring because of poor maintenance or high hours the evidence will be plastered through out. Deep cleaning of the engine room with a “white glove” approach will remove oil stains, rust and smell that can potentially kill a sale. Smart buyers will look in the bilges and under the engines.
8) Interior Carpets/Upholstery-Professional steam cleaning of interior carpets and upholstery will remove mold and embedded smells trapped over time and bring back optimal color and feel. Running a dehumidifier inside a boat while it’s for sale is a great idea to reduce humidity and smell. “Smell=no sale”carpets_cleaned

9) Initial Survey-Having your own private survey will help identify short-comings before the buyer’s survey arrives allowing you the chance to address any unforeseen issues and maximize the cruising performance should any kinks exist.
10) Show Time! Create emotion. Before an important showing open up the boat like it was on charter off the Turks and Caicos bank. Turn on some tunes, light the plasma up with a good tv program and put all the cushions out, turn on the electronics and a/c down to a low temp, make the potential buyers feel like they already own the boat:)
Freedom Yacht Management specializes in the show ready services above and look forward to helping you sale or upkeep your vessel. To learn more about our services please call 954-732-8916 for a free quote or visit us at “Get Show Ready”